Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More Fun With Shrimp Heads

My Auntie Linda wrote to tell me that my blog reminds her of when she had small kids underfoot. I felt immediately unworthy, of course, because she had five kids. Her eldest, my Ate Cristy, once told me that if you flick the light switch on and off over and over again, it will call the devil into the room. I still believe it.

Auntie Linda also reports that she uses shrimp heads to fertilize roses. "Watch them grow into premium hybrids!" she says. She seems to have intuited (is that a word? it looks vaguely obscene) that I felt exceedingly guilty throwing those shrimp heads out. In fact, I could swear that my late Lola Naty was frowning at my lack of domestic ingenuity. Thank God for aunties.

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