Sunday, May 02, 2004


Let's say you're tending to a crushed and bleeding heart. Or trying to figure out your place in this tricky game of mah jong we call life. These are the turning points that require a steady hand and a quiet mind, my people. Moments that require a sustained, contemplative, even catatonic state. Or, you could go shopping.

You could buy a stack of books that almost stands—rather amusingly, I have to admit—as tall as your youngest child. A pair of $200 jeans; a pair of impractical and absurdly overpriced shoes; two tops; six notebooks from Japan (it says right on the front that they will "make happy your life," and, well, who knows?); and one ham, swiss cheese, and butter sandwich for good measure. You could eat the sandwich while sitting in the sun with your shopping bags gathered like loyal dogs at your feet. You could slip on your headphones and listen to Dave Matthews sing sweet like candy to my soul/sweet you rock/and/sweet you roll. You could brush the baguette crumbs from your lap, stand up and go home.

Works for me.

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