Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Post That Happens When You Have To Leave In Five Minutes

I conveniently forgot that April marks the mad rush to the end of the school year. Um, I remember now.

My lunatic father (hi Dad!) and delightful mother have unloaded their albatross of a house in the city and are moving—hooray!—down here where the skies are sunny and the grandchildren plenty. I'm scoping out possible new digs within a 10-minute radius. Very exciting. This may be the year when I finally figure out how to pan fry a steak like my mom. In case you were wondering, if there was such a thing as The World Cup of Pan-Fried Steak, she would trounce you. It has something to do with the Maggi, I think.

The spousal unit is in Alaska at the moment. I just had to type that because it sounds so weird. It's also true.

I have to go to Round Table Pizza now. I just had to type that because it sounds so weird. It's also true.

I'm putting together two class baskets for the upcoming carnival (they'll be auctioned off, along with 18 other class baskets). One is a "Stargazer Basket," and it'll have astronomy-related goodies. The other is a "Backyard Adventure" basket, and I don't know what to put in it. So far, I have a canister of plastic bugs and two bug books. This does not thrill me. If you were gong to bid on a "Backyard Adventure" basket, what would you want in it? How about an ant farm? Or one of those bug catcher boxes that have a magnifying glass on top? A butterfly net? Holey moley, help me out.


kmargrett said...

How about a little unisex gardening set, complete with a plastic mini pail and mini shovel (maybe add in some seeds). For the girls, they could use it as that and for boys, should they not want to garden, they could just it to dig up worms.

ver said...

Thanks KM! They have cute ones at Tarjay...

Also, maybe I should include actual worms.

Kmai said...

hi V! backyard camping adventures -2 kid pop up V tent, flashlight, the one that wraps around your head, sleeping bags.. now, for pan fried steak - a well seasoned cast iron skillet works for me.


JODI said...

Alaska is so beautiful it is nearly indescribable with words. My nephew moved to Anchorage last year so I now have a valid reason to return. You must go to experience Alaska for yourself.