Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Getting Graphic

I'm way behind the curve when it comes to graphic lit. Though I am attracted to what I understand to be the stories told in Persepolis or Maus, for example, there's something about the graphic element that leaves me cold. This is a strange reaction, since I think the use of illustration is meant to create a certain intimacy or to draw the reader in with an immediacy that words alone cannot. But a large part of my reading enjoyment comes from being able to conjure up my own images as I go, so to have it done for me already is kind of a bummer. It turns out, though, that I enjoy the form when it's used to deal with history as in Howard Zinn's A People's HIstory of American Empire (adapted from his classic A People's History of the United States).

This is probably because the graphics help me process the historical facts (I'm simple like that). Plus, I love the illustration of the Pinoy soldier who screams, "THE AMERICANS HAVE ATTACKED OUR TROOPS AT SANTA MESA!" and its uncanny depiction of the classic Filipino nose. I'm serious.

Speaking of Mr. Zinn, take a look at the trailer for The People Speak, coming in September 2008:

John Legend increases his sexy with this. As does Marisa Tomei. I'm just saying.

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