Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fist-Waving OR Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

1. Renewing library books to avoid fines (*waves fist at self*).

2. Shoe shopping because these flats are soooooo old (*waves fist at old shoes*).

3. Stocking up on Kleenex (*waves fist at imaginary acacia trees*).

4. Putting more money in the meter (*waves fist at imaginary meter person*).

5. Sending an e-mail to my friend K. to say that though I love her (I love you!) I don't want to go to our high school reunion. This one includes every class from the 80s, and it makes my head hurt to think about it (*waves fist just for fun*).

6. Writing to the Governor (again) to register my extreme piss-off-ed-ness at the proposed 4.8 billion (that's not a typo) dollar budget cuts for K-14 education (*waves fist in direction of Sacramento*).

7. Putting my Mexico pictures up so my travelmates can see them (*waves fist at flickr for being slow*).


Shuboy said...

Did you say, "Shoe shopping"???

ver said...

Yes. But it's a day later and I still haven't done anything about it...

Shuboy said...

Yet ANOTHER reason for you to miss your brother. I'll be in NYC next week for work, but will have the weekend to myself. Want me to look out for anything in partic? Or... Come out and join me!!!!

Meg said...

1. I will go to your 80's H.S. Reunion FOR you - you know how much I love that 80's music.

2. I will help take your girls to and from school, feed them, etc. until A. gets home from work (maybe Saturday thru Tuesday?) to support I little jaunt for you to NYC for some shoe shopping with your brother!!!! Run, V., run!

Shuboy said...

I heart meg