Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why DO Cupcakes Shrink?

I don't think search engine inventors realized how much amusement bloggers (well, THIS blogger, at least) would glean from referral stats. The following searches have led people to my blog in the last two days. I am like a...like a...like a beacon, shining in the world wide web of darkness, guiding the lost home:

"neurotic nesting behavior in bitches"

"why do my cupcakes shrink?"

"cow of renown"

"hot dog cutter"

"fine phillepenas ass"

That last one kills me. And there's something else that has kept me wondering for at least two years. Every once in awhile, loads and loads of people throughout Europe (or at least people whose SERVERS exist throughout Europe) will google the word "rafiki" at the same time. And they all end up here (only to be disappointed). This puzzles me greatly. In fact, it's a sudoku tucked into a word jumble and then wrapped in the Sunday NY Times crossword.

In other news:

It's November. How did this happen?


A. D. said...

For fear of what it means, I don't wanna boost your google authority RE it . . . but I don't know what "r_f_k_" is and I'm afraid to google it myself.

I want to know why already-cooked shrimp shrinks when you add it to food in a skillet or to a cooking pasta sauce.

Googled "Why does shrimp shrink?" and the results were pretty obscene. Doh.

ver said...

Silly. Afiki-ray (you speak Pig Latin, correct?) is the wise baboon from "The Lion King." At least that's the Afiki-ray I once referred to here.

Shrimp doesn't stink! Unless it's yucky, old shrimp. Hmmm. You need a new shrimp vendor...

A. D. said...

Not stink, shrink! And I'm the silly one.

ver said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I dare you to google "Why does shrimp stink" now...