Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Thursday Gift to You

Today will be forever remembered as the day I discovered Artemis Bell.

If I've failed to embed the video correctly (it's not showing up when I preview my post), then click here. Um, immediately.

Oh, sure it's easy to laugh at Artemis Bell. But have you ever expressed your unfettered joy to the world in this way? Neither have I! She has ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR of these videos, people. She dances to Yaz, Animotion, KC and the Sunshine Band, Santa Esmeralda (omg, how much do I love Santa Esmeralda?), Parliament and, well, a hundred others.

I am in awe of Artemis Bell.


Shuboy said...

No. Stop it.
Repulsive? Naw... she's having too much fun to be repulsive.
Creepy? Okay, maybe a little.
Sweaty? Yeah.
Nice to know all those belly dancing lessons paid off. I'm not making fun. Look at her hands. Those are belling dancing trained hands. I'm just sayin'.
I was impressed at her ability to "fight the bounce". That song BEGS for a bouncy dance, yet she manages (for the most part) to avoid the obvious. She stays true to herself.
Creepy Kudos

Benito said...

It's not showing up because Artemis herself (what a name!) disabled embedding, that's all.

I'm assuming you were doing a search for "Animotion," yes? Fun, but not as good as the ultra-sweaty "Maneater." (But the way she jumps around for "like a butterfly / a wild butterfly" is priceless.)

ver said...

I love it when she says that no matter what happens, she "must finish the dance." OMG, I LOVE her.

I wasn't searching for "Animotion." In fact, I can't even remember what led me to Artemis. All I can say is that in this case, the journey WAS the destination. Oh, and I wanted to embed the video SO bad, that despite her disabling, I tried to finagle it. Sad.