Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pot Roast & The Good Filipino Girls

It's clearly time for cold-weather food: stews, roasts, soups, all that good stuff. The other night, for example, I made pot roast. Now, listen carefully because this is where the genius-ness comes in. I didn't have any beef stock, nor did I have any desire to throw the kids into the car and head to the market because, as you all know by now, any 15-minute errand instantly turns into (at least!) a 40-minute errand whenever children are added to the equation (the only exception I know of is filling up with gas, and that's because nobody gets out of the car except for me). And since the pot roast was going to take 3.5 hours to cook, I didn't have 40 minutes to squander.

Are you with me?

So instead of beef stock, I used 2 cups of water and a liberal sprinkling of Maggi (don't even LOOK at the sodium content; just don't do it). The result was astounding, truly. Stop laughing at me.

Okay, now despite the fact that my pot roast included big, soft, and velvety potato cubes, I still made rice. Why? Because I'm Filipino. Go ahead, turn to the closest Filipino and ask if I'm making this up. I am not.

I served the kids a nice scoop of rice with their pot roast, but soon noticed that they weren't eating it. "Why aren't you eating your rice?"

"We're eating potatoes."

"But I don't care if there are potatoes; Filipinos EAT RICE."


"No 'but, but!' What kind of Filipino girls are you? I've made rice for you since you were babies with the express intention of making sure that you'd eat it for the rest of your lives."

"Who made that rule?"

"What rule?"

"About Filipino girls and rice?"

"It's not a rule, it just IS."

At this point, I went outside to great the SU, who was arriving home late from a meeting. I was wearing a flowing green caftan, silver heels, liquid eyeliner, and my hair piled up on top of my head just like Elizabeth Taylor in...just kidding! When we came inside, the girls were seated nicely and grinning.

"Look! We ate our rice!"

Good Filipino girls.


Gladys said...

i eat rice when i make crockpot beef stew as well. i must also be a good filipino girl. (not. *grin*)

what recipe do you use for your pot roast? i've never made pot roast but would like to, one of these wintry days.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

There is nothing, repeat /nothing/ more mortifying than being in a Filipino restaurant with a toddler who /refuses/ to eat rice (too sticky, apparently).

You pull out the Ritz crackers and cheese and every manang in the place is staring daggers at you.

Really... I'm scarred for life by my first born.

ver said...

Hi Gladys! I just e-mailed you. Which is exactly what a good Filipino girl would do. Ha!

Oh, Bec. I totally understand...

Shuboy said...

speaking of "Good Filipino Girls"... check this out.

Charice Pepengco... singing "And I Am Telling You". I wonder if she eats rice.

ver said...

Hey, I just e-mailed that link to Sunny earlier today!

Of course she eats rice. How else could she hit those notes?

kmargrett said...

This post totally made me hungry in a house where there is practically no food (unless you count hot pockets as food). I dooo however have rice (like a good Filipino girl should)! ;)

JODI said...

The first thing that came to my mind was...they dumped the rice back in the pot or flushed it donw the toilet. Like any kid would do being served a double dose of starch. ;-) Cute story.