Monday, March 05, 2007

My Speeding Bullet

Our neighborhood ski trip is the sparkling highlight of Winter's end. This year, a record 18 couples—each with 2 or 3 kids—invaded what I assume was once (before our disquieting en masse arrival) a peaceful destination: Bear Valley, California.

Now under regular circumstances, I would eschew any vacation that involved as much of a hassle element as the snow. Between the anxiety of locating and packing items used only once a year, the actual physical bulk of the outerwear and footwear, the scheduling of ski lessons, my issues with hats (well documented here on Nesting Ground) and a thousand other whatnots, it seems on paper to be not quite worth the bother. And yet, and always turns out to be completely worth the bother. Especially when it's filled with moments like the following. Watch as Lea attacks the mountain! She is a panther on skis! A sight to behold! Don't blink or you might miss her! Faster than...than...well, just see for yourself:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The sad thing is that she's already a much better skier than I am.

1 comment:

Shuboy said...

well, she's no 5 year old Mary J. Blige impersonator currently garnering world wide attention on YouTube...
BUT she's way more fascinating!