Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Scattershoot

Be still my heart! Linkable notebooks?! It's only a matter of minutes before I give in.


What Lea said the other day as she gazed out the window while I cruised us safely down El Camino: Mama, did you ever feeled [sic] there are giants up there? And we're just their toys? Because I'm always thinking...


It's been about least three years since I indulged in the candy-coated, double dipped marshmallow fluff of In Style magazine. And now after perusing this month's issue, I remember why I stopped. It's so decadent, so evil. Plus, is a visual retrospective of Ashlee Simpson necessary in any universe?

All the same, if you get me the dress Zhang Ziyi (or is it Ziyi Zhang? I'm flummoxed) is wearing on page 3,742, you could change not only my life, but quite possibly yours. Never mind that my version of the dress would require five times the fabric as that of Zhang's/Ziyi's. Just never mind that, you. You're so detail-oriented.


Evelina Galang brings attention to the plight of our lolas, the comfort women.


Goal for the rest of the year: sincere bonhomie.

Why? Because I like the word "bonhomie."


Tomorrow night is the monthly restaurant fundraiser for R & V's school, which means I will be forced to darken the doorstep of a dining establishment called "Armadillo Willy's." Do you think this is as hilarious as I do? Nevertheless, I will bring my bonhomie and hope for the best.

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kmargrett said...

Interesting, I think I remember a discussion about comfort women when Barbara Jane Reyes came as a guest speaker to one of my Fil-Am classes last year. And just last week, a television on the 3rd floor lobby of my school was playing a DVD about comfort women, speaking about their experiences during WWII (I forget which club had put the DVD up.. I think the Women's Studies Department had part in this project).

Also.. Armadillo Willy's? Lol, I've never heard of the place, so I Googled it.. The Caramel Banana Chimichanga sounds DEELISH! ;P