Monday, February 26, 2007

So Genius

Who's the genius who left the house this morning without an umbrella? I'm the genius!

Who's the genius who can't find Risa's Brownie vest and who must take the fall for her not wearing said vest during today's Super Secret Brownie Initiation Ceremony at which many Super Secret Brownie Songs are trilled and Super Secret Brownie Pledges are proclaimed? I'm the genius!

Who's the genius who took Lea to L & L Hawaiian Barbecue for lunch and only ordered her a "Mini Short Ribs" lunch when, in fact, she could have eaten several Humungous Short Rib lunches? I'm the genius!

Who's the genius who waited ten minutes in the ATM drive-through line and, when her turn arrived, came to realize that she had failed to prepare her deposit (opting instead to sing along to the radio) and could not handle the pressure of preparing it on the spot because there was another car behind her, and so had to circle around again? I'm the genius!

Who's the genius who had Lea's birthday party invitations printed at a completely inconvenient printing place and then failed to notice that there were no envelopes in the package, prompting a return to the completely inconvenient printing place, where the decidedly unhelpful printing employee informed me that there were no envelopes left, to which I enthusiastically responded with clenched teeth but of course there are envelopes somewhere in this cavernous and completely inconvenient printing place? I'm the genius!

Several more Monday instances of my genius could be cited here. In fact, I find myself astonished at the immense width and breadth of my genius. My genius is its own nation.


Lomy said...

this rainy day and you down, huh?

don't worry, dear, this lola-genius can relate, and not only on Mondays!

love you!

Joanne said...

"My genius is its own nation."

I love it. That is genius in and of itself!

Um.... I think we've all had our genius days. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a genius everyday:)