Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nesting Ground Birdy of the Week

I recently received a most welcome e-mail from one Jordan Gonzales who teaches in the Ethnic Studies Department at UC Berkeley and who, now that I'm thinking on it, was the super-amiable man with the excellent belt buckle (it was a word, but I can't remember which) who came to Eastwind Books for a reading that Marianne Villanueva and I had. Anyways, he wrote to tell me that he has included my story, "Bernie Aragon, Jr. Looks For Love," on the syllabus for an upper-division class he is teaching in the Spring.

Of course this earns Jordan the exalted "Nesting Ground Birdy of the Week" title. And, um, he's also the reason the title was invented in the first place. Thank you, Jordan, if you're out there.

* * *

In other writing news...I keep forgetting to mention that I have a story in this new anthology. Lots of familiar names, including those of requited blog buddy Ian and unrequited blog buddy Dean Alfar. I believe there's a launching next week in Manila. Fun! I bet the food will be so good:

Thanks to the indefatigable and lovely Cecilia Brainard for again including my work in one of her projects.

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