Thursday, June 01, 2006


1. Will I ever have to pay as much as I did last week to fill my car up with gas? It was $81.64.

2. Did Al Gore really refer to the Bush Assministration as a bunch of renegade "right-wing extremists?" Cuz that's kinda sexy.

3. Where do you stand on using your own children as personal assistants? As fetchers of mail and ice water, for example?

4. Can someone explain this to me? And then, when you're done, stick bamboo skewers through my eyeballs. Thanks.

5. I lost my iPod. Do you know where it is?

6. Did anyone else see Elizabethtown and think it wasn't so bad, really?

I'm just asking.


Gladys said...

1. Jee-zus. What kind of car do you have? A HUMVEE?

2. That IS kinda sexy. And I love: "Assministration." Took my eyes a second look to figure out what was different.

3. It's all about perspective. I say, if they think it's fun to be your gofers, why disabuse them of their enjoyment?

4. She freaking embarrassing. But the fact that she isn't embarrassed for herself is actually a little fascinating.

5. Sorry, V. Maybe you should look in the freezer or some unorthodox place? I've found lost things in the strangest places (including the freezer).

6. I like Orlando Bloom, but mostly as Legolas. And I don't really like Kirsten Dunst at all, so I never bothered watching Elizabethtown.

Gura said...

1. Not until the kids are grown and along with #3, they will be pushing your car, ala Flinstones style.

2. Where was this Al Gore when he was running for President?

3. You do stuff for your kids, why can't you ask them to do stuff for you? And at their ages right now, they probably still have fun "helping mom". Our dad had us licking stamps and collating papers, which inevitably give us the skills to get any admin job we wanted. It's a skill set they can fall back on.

4. um, yeah.

5. sad. when I lose stuff I sometimes call out to it like they were a pet who could answer to their name. either that or apologize to the duwende who is rocking to your tunes right now, ask for forgiveness and your ipod back.

6. It's just frightening when the guy is almost as bone skinny as the girl. I liked him in Pirates.

ver said...

Those are some good answers, you two. I'm going to look in the freezer and ask for forgiveness...

(Gladys, *whispering* I drive a Suburban)

jean said...

i thought the movie was ok but i REALLY loved the road trip in it.

ask lea for help on the ipod thing. she is closer to ground. or good old st. anthony . . .

i have nothing to say about the price of gas, mariah carey and al gore - all three annoy me. sorry.

the wily filipino said...

6. I was told by an ex (and two other woman friends) that there was something about Elizabethtown that reminded them of me. Which is why I haven't seen it yet.

I was also told by another ex that there was something about Prime that reminded her of me; I was simultaneously flattered and horrified after seeing it.

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