Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to My Blog

So my Dad decided that because he had a bad cold, he should take cold medicine.

But he was faced with a dilemma: his daily dose of high blood pressure medication does not play nicely with over-the-counter cold pills.

And so...this man, this man from whom at moments like this I can hardly believe I am descended, opted to stop taking his blood pressure medication.

Could anything but madness ensue?

And here we are one 911 call, one stroke, one heart attack, and one angiogram later. With more fun to come, I'm sure!

Sweet bejesus on rye. With a pickle.

I am thankful for Kuya, whose 300 pairs of shoes only make him seem crazy. He is, in fact, quite sane and guiding us ably through the minefield of my father's health issues.

I'll end with some simple advice: don't smoke.


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Yikes! It reminds me of my mother who described her recent bout of congestive heart failure as "indigestion," her tachychardia as "nervousness," and her enlarged heart as "generous."

*hug* We'll keep you in our prayers, darlin.

barbara jane said...

oh jesus, ms. ver. it is hard to take care of your ailing parents especially when they are prone to said leaps in logic over their own health. i totally empathize and am thinking about you. i just wish i had a good joke to tell you right now. eh, i'll think of one :-)

Gladys said...

v, oh my god. i hope things things get better soon. our families -- endearing and frustrating at the same time. my father was the same over his illness. good wishes to you all.

bino said...

:-( im hoping for the best, sweetness.

A. D. said...

sorry to read. hoping for speedy good health and all.

no smoking over here.

ver said...

Thanks very much, you lovelies. The good news (well, you know, relatively speaking) is that it wasn't a bleeding stroke. Anyhooters, Pops is at home now with a Nicoderm patch on his arm, muttering to himself, daydreaming about Filipino food, and getting his kidneys in shape for the inevitable angioplasty...