Friday, July 29, 2005

Occupational Hazard

From the nonist.

An Excerpt:

If you feel overwhelmed with a crushing pressure to post to your blog, a pressure so acute and strong that you can't post anything at all, try to remember: no one cares. You took up blogging of your own accord. Stop torturing yourself you silly bastard.

You can download the whole 6-page booklet here.

It helped me, dear ones. And if you read it and really, truly apply its principles to your blogging activities, I'm sure it can help you, too.

You don't have to be alone. Here—hold my hand.

*strikes the earnest, head-tilted, eyebrows-scrunched, nostrils-flared pose*


Princess Leia said...

help, i'm blogging and i can't stop... is there anything to help with the Crackberry habit as well?

ver said...

There's a really gross name for excessive blogging, and I'd tell you what it is except I don't want to taint my little nesting ground here! Thank the gods I don't know anything about that whole Blackberry thing...

weez said...

Hi. (shuffles feet and looks at them).

Um. My name is weez. I am a blogger.


ver said...

All together: "Hi weez."

Luj said...