Sunday, March 28, 2004

Thumb Twiddling

Filipinas asked me to write an essay about Daly City for their "Hometown" column, and I thought no problem and said yes right away.

Now, of course, I who misspent (well, sort of) my youth at the long-gone Westlake Bowl and was a proud, productive, a-bun-on-either-side-of-my-head member of the Daly City Crickets gymnastics team, cannot find a proper way to broach my subject.

I'm being sidetracked by recollections: the horrendous blue and Pepto-Bismol pink walls at Our Lady of Mercy; picking out my first pair of Adidas at Shoe Fair and eating Toto's pizza afterwards (oh, and Shakey's! There was a Shakey's pizza, too!); the 7-11 on 87th St; really, really bad dances in the cafeteria at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School. It's all a bit much.

Just putting it all through the filter, as it 'twere. Don't mind me.

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