Friday, March 26, 2004

Fountain of Useless Pop Culture Knowledge

I am brilliant in only one respect (well, two if you count the fact that even after eating, let's say, the greasiest hamburger and fries ever made, my lipstick remains intact. It's a gift): my ability to recall and ramble on about useless bits of pop culture past and present. I'm currently wondering about these two things:

1) The Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion Special. What I'm wondering, specifically, is why? Why, instead, is there not a China Beach Reunion Special wherein I could learn all about what became of Brian Wimmer (I know, I know: that's what the Internet is for...), who played Boonie Lanier? Crushes aside, I loved China Beach as much as Gura loved Kung Fu, dammit, and I want my dang Reunion Special.

2)Pimp My Ride. I don't care if it's for teenagers; it's hilarious. Who could not crack a smile after witnessing the pure joy on a nineteen year-old's face when he sees that the trunk of his formerly barely-running car now contains a karaoke machine with a 19-inch screen? It's too freaking cute.

Okay, then. Feeling a little ridiculous at the moment...

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