Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweetest Hangover

I am bleary-eyed and cotton-headed from watching too much television, but it doesn't detract from my—warning: made-up word ahead—happies. Almost every moment —but especially that final 30 minutes comprised of the President's speech, Elizabeth Alexander's poem, and Reverend Lowery's benediction—seemed to deliver exactly the words we needed to hear. Even Justice Roberts' fumbling of the oath was somehow "right" for what I'm sure was a nerve-wracking 30 seconds for the guy. The only disappointment was Rick Warren's over-the-top emoting and bizarre pronunciation of Sasha and Malia's names. I think Obama knew what he was doing by 1) including him and 2) making sure he was all but forgotten by the time Reverend Lowery finished HIS flawless benediction.

And now...I think I'll go to a ball. It's called the Suburban Denim & Ballerina Flats Ball, and I'm the hostess and solitary guest. I planned it this way so that I can dance like a loon and no one will ever know. Speaking of loons: here are our girls, flashing their homespun backstage passes to the HOPE '09 show:

Happy Inauguration Day!

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