Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Post In Which I List Foreseeable Difficulties

I know that visiting the Philippines isn't a big deal in general, but it will be the first time for my kids and spousal unit, and I haven't been in about ten years. So in the SPECIFIC, it's a very big deal. To me. To us. Foreseeable difficulties:

1) We are traveling in April, by all accounts the hottest, most miserable, most horrific month of the year. Yay!

2) Interminable flight time, made more so by our 3 junior-size traveling companions.

3) I have very few relatives still living in Manila, and if I remember correctly, I have never met the ones who remain. The exception is my dad's cousin, Uncle P., who has kindly made sure that he will be back from his trip to Japan in time to squire us about a little.

4) The 2-hour Carlos Celdran walking tour. We're doing this for sure, but will my children wither? Like literally WITHER?

5) The possibility that it will be too hot to walk on the sand when we get to Boracay. I'm kidding. No, I'm not kidding.

6) Boracay itself. Is it too much the tourist trap? Should I have chosen Palawan instead? I just didn't want to venture too far out of the kids' comfort zone this first time around.

With these and other thoughts floating around in my head, I will now proceed to Firestone because if my powers of observation are as astute as I believe...I have a flat tire. Frickin' frackin' frickledy doo.


Gura said...

boracay is nice and easy for a first time trip. everyone can get that out of their systems so the next time you can do something more adventurous. downtime is good. manila will be out of a comfort zone enough.

but oh, you'll get to explain why people are nailing themselves to crosses on tv.

ver said...

That was my thinking as well, Gura! I better start formulating my answers to those pesky crucifixion questions...

thelastnoel said...

Um, be prepared to drink lots and lots of water. Dehydrated kids--oy!

kmargrett said...

had a blast in boracay! the sand maaay be a bit hot, but totally worth it by the time you reach the water. i pray your wits remain in tact after the plane ride, then the long, winding bus ride and finally the short little boat ride to the island..

april IS the most miserable month of the year! stay hydrated.. and bring hats for the lil ones. oh and sunblock. and mosquito repellant. and hydrocortisone for when the repellant doesn't work.

other than that..... enjoyyyyyy!!!! ;P

p.s. must. have. TAHOOOOO!