Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Post That Started One Way and Ended Another

I just noticed that in an effort to amuse myself throughout the day, I often respond to strangers in an overly mannered—yet completely sincere, I swear—way. For example, today at lunch when a man held the restaurant door open for me and my mother, I said, "Thank you, kind Sir."

And tonight when I was walking home from my friend's house at 10 pm, I passed an older couple taking a stroll in the moonlight. I didn't want them to be afraid of me, so I said, "Good evening." The man laughed and said, "Hello."

I write about this meaninglessly pleasant aspect of my day to avoid thinking about the convention in Minnesota. Even as I type I am trying to keep at bay the memory of that horrible Sarah Palin person belittling Barack Obama's achievements, sarcastically proclaiming that the presidency isn't supposed to be about someone's "journey of personal discovery," and pretending she knows something about foreign policy. The condescending smirks! The mock air of importance! The parading of her special needs newborn! Horrible, horrible woman. I wanted to reach through the television screen and throttle her. And I don't care if it's sexist or not: it is NOT good parenting to preach abstinence and ignore your child's sexual activity to the point where said child ends up unintentionallly pregnant at the age of 17. And it's even more wrong to then parade that child on a national stage as some sort of proof of your conservatism and "pro-life" commitment. How twisted is THAT?

Great. I'm all pissed off again. The good news is that my enthusiasm for this weekend's Camp Obama has doubled.


Gladys said...

palin is a fucking liar. there, i said it. listening to all of her speech gave me an even worse headache and was so akin to torture that i begged the image on on tv at 8:05 pm to please have mercy and finally end her speech.

you're absolutely right on all counts. the hypocrisy, the lies, the cruel belittling, and the horrifying pimping of her baby. the dh was depressed that they would laugh at their opponents' beliefs, especially the desire to end death and suffering in what we are convinced is a senseless occupation.

in many ways, this ticket is exactly like what we have already in the government.

today's speeches -- romney, giuliani, palin -- upset me so much that i just donated again to the obama/biden campaign and made sure that my little brother was registered to vote and will vote for barack. i guess one could thank them for revving me up (but i won't).

i hope that the stewart daily show tomorrow night shows old clips to belie what was said tonight. anyway, sorry for ranting on your blog.

Tracey said...

It was a disgusting display. That woman has absolutely no business anywhere near a line-item veto. Seriously, I wanted to shake someone with the demand to know how this woman is an axample of good motherhood. Or a stateswoman. Or an articulate human.

Change. Uh huh. It is her piss poosr excuse of a party that has led us to this place.

I'm with her on that one.

Keep up the good fight, Ver.

ver said...

It's a new day and my fury is still intact. I made another donation, too, Gladys! 'Cuz I know that nothing sticks in the side of the Republicans like Obama's ability to drum up money.

James Fallows has a good evaluation of the Palin speech here.

The spousal unit strongly advised me not to watch that cretin Guiliani (how any person who spent 60 MILLION DOLLARS to earn exactly ONE delegate vote can still hold his head up, is beyond me) because it might make my head explode. I followed his advice last night, but I'll probably watch it at some point today. Maybe after I take a tranquilizer.

Tracey said...

Don't bother. It was worse than hers. It was an utter disgrace.

Gladys said...

thanks for the fallows article. tracey's right, giuliani's was also a disgrace. basically, the two -- giuliani and palin -- have the same smug smirk on their faces and even some of the same talking points. (same speechwriter for both?) condescending cretins both.

Tracey said...

Okay, all of this shared leftist anger inspired me to donate again as well. I hope today's staggering total sends a clear message to those beyotches.