Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Throat Is Still A Little Scratchy

I sang every word of "Separate Ways."

Every word of "Open Arms."

Every word of "Don't Stop Believing."

Every word of "Faithfully.

And whatnot.

I made my presence known when Arnel Pineda—in a rousing one-word call to his people—yelled, "PINOYS!"

I, along with thousands of other complete dorks, held up my cellphone/lighter during "Lights."

And whether or not it makes sense, I am still giddy. Here I am on the lawn with two of my oldest pals/most favorite gals:

I would like to apologize to the Spousal Unit. He knows most everything about me, but I don't think he was prepared for my vast and astonishingly accurate knowledge of Journey lyrics. Nor did he know that I was capable of singing at such volume. Here is our self(s) portrait, taken on my flashless iPhone, right after the Wilson sisters (Oh Nancy how I adore you! How jealous I am of your jeans! And the way you appear to rock in slow motion! And the way you work the wind machine!) ALMOST stole the show:

Sadness that I didn't see Barbara Jane or Oscar, and that I only caught a fleeting glimpse of Sunny as we traveled opposite sides of a packed staircase. There's always next time...


Shuboy said...

so THAT's what your new hair looks like. more detailed shots please.

Joanne said...

Oh Ver. I was way worse than you, for I also belted out the lyrics to their old stuff... and their NEW stuff. Yes. I was probably the only one on the lawn who knew the lyrics to "Faith in the Heartland" and "After All These Years" and "Change for the Better" and all those other songs on the Revelation album. Uh-huh.

I even knew the lyrics to "Escape" and "Stone in Love" and well, I'll stop there. But you get the picture.

Of course, when Arnel gave a shout out to the PINOYS, I had a tear in my eye and my fist in the air. 'Cuz that's just how I roll.

Laugh all you want.


p.s. I ran into Sunny, Barbara Jane and company. I posted photos on my blog. Enjoy!

cornshake said...

omg. so. jealous you saw them live. sounds like an amazing show. DONT STOP BEEELLEEEVIN!