Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Edelweiss, Oh My Eyes.

Just returned from the annual PTA Founder's Day celebration, during which the 2nd graders (Risa and Vida among them) sang "Edelweiss" and made everyone cry. There's nothing like streaky mascara on a woman in her 40s, I tell you. I look lost and drunk, but I'm neither. Life is funny like that.

In other sentimental news, Lea has lost one of her tiny front Chiclet teeth which signals, of course, the beginning of the end of her little-kid-ness. Once the massive rabbit teeth show up, it's so very over. I tell you all this so that If you see me walking down the street with my chin trembling and my heart in my hands, you can trace the reason back to this very week.

I'm going to go have some chocolate chip cookies now. I trust you will understand.

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