Monday, January 07, 2008

You Blog In ________, You Do Real Writing in ________

You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose.

This doozie of bad comparisons was proffered by Hillary Clinton in the day or two after Iowa. I can't even imagine how frustrated she must be by Barack Obama's uncanny ability to mesmerize and inspire every time he opens his mouth. I hope she doesn't go all Tracey Flick on us:


The girls are back in school today, and the house is so very...still. Even when they're upstairs, I can usually hear their (surprisingly) heavy footsteps and the sound(s) of their weird kid games. So I'm actually kinda lonely sitting here in the quiet.

I wanted very much to begin the year by working on a new story, and I've surprised myself (since I'm not, you know, particularly good at following through on my personal goals) by doing exactly that. I know I'll finish it, too, because it started the way almost all my finished stories start. That is: I saw something. And in my head, I keep seeing it.

In fact, I'm seeing it right now. So I think I'll get to work.

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