Friday, January 25, 2008

Possible Nightmares of Varying Intensity

This will disturb my sleep considerably tonight. Those who know me well, will realize that I'm not kidding:


Apparently, it's a big deal when the second graders sing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" at the Star Assembly. Such a big deal, in fact, that Risa and Vida have been practicing the song non-stop for weeks now.

Well, the Star Assembly is today at 11:15. I'm saying this more to myself than to you. As a reminder, you see. Because if I miss the Star Assembly which is today at 11:15 and at which my daughters are singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and which is a very big honking deal for them, I will be in big, big trouble. Nightmare trouble.


Later this afternoon, I'll be making my first phone calls on behalf of the Obama campaign. By my 50th call, I imagine I'll be pretty disheartened. Or maybe not! Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. No matter what happens, though, I'll keep dialing.

Click on this quick message from Lorna Brett Howard, former President of Chicago NOW:

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