Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Brief Tale of The Great Acorn Squash Debate

"What's this?" says the snippy new checkout person at the market. She says it because there is no identifying sticker on this particular piece of produce.

"It's an acorn squash."

"No it's not."

"Yes, it is," I say.

"Acorn squash is orange. This isn't an acorn squash."

"Yes, it is," I repeat. I'm fully prepared to say it again, if she likes. In fact, I'm prepared to say it several times.

"Acorn. Squash. Is. Orange," she says.

I'm officially enraged, but never mind. I say, "Well, acorn squash is orange inside, but it's green outside. This is an acorn squash."

She holds up the acorn squash and turns around to face the other checkout people. "Hey!" she yells. "What is this?" They just stare at her. "This!" she says. She shakes the acorn squash. "Right here! What is THIS?"

Nobody answers her. So I do. I say, "It's an acorn squash."

"I'll go see," she says.

"Hokay, you go see."

When she returns, she says, "It's an acorn squash."

I say, "Yes, it is."


CookieDuster said...

When the pimply faced kids at the Starbucks called it "Expresso" and I corrected them they looked at me as if I was the stupid one.

Your checker must have gone to the same school and failed just as miserably.

ver said...

Hahahaha! Is there an express line for those?

CookieDuster said...

No. That would be the "espress" line I suppose.