Monday, June 25, 2007

Stop Thief!

I've been having such good, clean writer fun while working on my little line-stealing project. You know, the one in which your Nesting Ground Mistress steals a little poetry and responds with fiction? I've used the following (without line breaks) so far:

1. “I'm going to die,” he says, not to anyone in particular. It's the sting of bitterness he's talking to, and at the head of the table in a Chinatown restaurant he orders another scotch before dinner.

2. All is memory, its guise in grass tufts, stone piles and low voices.

3. The small things I gathered as a child had the heartbeat of a bird.

4. All day he would gather twine from his mother's frayed skirts and braid them into wreaths of darker hues.

And I think I will be doing these, among others...

5. My power to haunt you is uncanny.

6. The first time I touched him, I thought of nothing but fruit.

And now for a little gameshow fun...can you match the poet with his/her work?

a. Daniel Tsukayama

b. Juliette Chen

c. Bino Realuyo

d. Jaime Jacinto

e. Barbara Tran

f. Oliver de la Paz

1 comment:

ver said...

Bino just sent me an e-mail in which he SCREAMED in complete gameshow style that line #6 belongs to Barbara Tran. That, of course, is correct!

I wish I could send him on a 6-day Carnival Cruise to Puerto Vallarta or something, but Nesting Ground funds are limited....