Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Love Note to My Sconehenge English Muffins

Dearest Sconehenge English Muffins,

I will never forget the moment my eyes befell you, sitting haughty and above-it-all on the display table at Draeger's. How I lovingly lifted you from your resting spot. How I spoke to you these words: Oooh, English muffins, I must have you! Why, you ask? Why do I love you so? Because you stand—nay, rise—an unbelievable two inches (I just measured you; this is fact). Because when split apart, you are dense and slightly crumbly. Because when dotted lightly with butter and placed in the toaster, your edges get crispy, but your body remains delightful in its squishiness. Because you sated my hunger completely, selflessly, and with unprecedented culinary aplomb.

I remain, now and forever, your servant in all I do,


And now, oh faithful Nesting Ground readers, behold:


Joanne said...

Oh my lord! I need to make more declarations such as this one to my favorite food! Though I'm not into English muffins, you may have forced me to turn a new leaf.

All hail and praise the English muffin.

kmargrett said...

Mmm.. I'd like to put some peanut butter on that English muffin.. :P

Shuboy said...

i just screamed in terror. A good kind of terror, but terror nonetheless. Draegers can expect me this weekend.

ver said...

I only consumed 1.5 of these before the children swooped in with their greedy, raspberry jam-sticky hands. Bereft.

CookieDuster said...

Both charming and exasperating.

Michelle said...

I found your blog posting after running a search on Sconehenge English muffins. It's nice to hear my instant obsession is not so unusual. I had a similar experience yesterday at Piazza's market. They looked so tantalizing; but it was when I picked the package of 4 muffins up that I was tuly hooked. They are light as air!