Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Late Night Caffeine

GOOD: Loaf of take-n-bake pugliese bread from Grace Baking Company. For extra crispy crust, sprinkle with water before placing in the oven!
BAD: Inability to locate potholders when it is time to drain the pasta water.

GOOD: Writer's group tonight!
BAD: Guilt trip due to the fact that attendance at said writer's group means that I will not be in attendance at tonight's school board meeting, a meeting at which parents were asked to show their support for a quick resolution to the current contract negotiations.

At this juncture, I must ask: where does one draw the metaphorical line in the sand?

GOOD: Netflix mailbox arrivals: The Painted Veil and Curse of the Golden Flower.
BAD: HDTV currently unavailable, as the viewing room is undergoing an improvement project.

GOOD: The school year drawing to a close.
BAD: The school year drawing to a close.

GOOD: A rarity: Tony, Toni, Tone on the radio.
BAD: My overenthusiastic singing (la da da da dee, la da da da dee, la da da da dee dee dee, sons of soul y'all) resulting in man one car over gaping at me in much the same way he might gape who can turn their eyelids inside out.

GOOD: Diet Coke.
BAD: Diet Coke at 11:00 pm


thelastnoel said...

Good: Going to writing group and being a writer.

Bad: Feeling guilty for doing things that writers do to write.

ver said...

Good: Noel Alumit leaving a comment on my blog.

Bad: Um, can't think of a bad.'re right. I am so glad I didn't try to re-schedule writing group. It's the first time in a long time that I put writing at the top of the ol' priority list...