Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Post That Happens When It's 9:00 PM and I've Already Watched All My Netflix Stuff

I became fixated on using the word "susurrous" in the final paragraph of a story I'm writing, but when I read it out loud I tripped on my tongue.

The second time I read it out loud, I couldn't stop thinking of Dr. Seuss.

On my third try, I sounded inebriated.

On my fourth, I realized that "susurrous" isn't really my kind of word.

And so I switched to "thrum," which is much more Ver-friendly.

I've been working on the one paragraph for a few weeks now, and I'm only now noticing that I've never used these particular words in a story before: the aforementioned "thrum," but then also, "shards," "chess," "lover," and—I think—"blood."


Trip to Ranch 99 resulting in happiness in the form of...

1 box Philippine mangoes
2 packs Orientex pork lumpia
1 large bottle Maggi
1 bottle peanut oil in which to fry Orientex pork lumpia
2 packs fat ol' snap peas
2 pineapples


I spent part of this afternoon paper screening 10 applicants to fill the position of Principal at R & V's school, and I am in stupified awe over some of the things that showed up in Statements of Qualifications and Letters of Recommendation. Such as...

"I really do like people." To which I say, "Wha?!"


"She spends endless amounts of time thinking of ways to improve student achievement." To which I say, "Um, so do I. That doesn't mean I can be a freaking school principal.


Many thanks to Sunny for providing me with ten minutes of wholesome Internet fun via The Face Transformer. Like Sunny, my transformation into a white person was sooooo disturbing. More disturbing, even, than when I morphed into an ape. I should also mention that I do not make a pleasant-looking West Asian. The comic book versions were much easier to deal with. Allow me to present...

Modigliani Ver:

Mucha Ver:

Manga Ver:


I'm going to eat some ice cream now. Vanilla sprinkled with granola and chocolate chips and chunks of the aforementioned mango and pineapple.

You're so jealous.

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B. said...

I'll send you white Sunny if you send me white Ver -- but I'm all the way in the Philippines and I don't have my jpg files on my laptop.