Monday, July 10, 2006

Next Question. Please.

During a car ride to my parents' house in the city:

Risa (delivered in "upspeak"): Mom, if you're a teenager around S—'s age and you're dating? Like that's all you're doing—you're dating and dating a lot? Will your tummy get big?

Me (treading carefully): Hmmm. Not sure what you mean.

Risa: You know—will your tummy get big with a baby?



Why does cooking a roast chicken make me feel like a good person?


Will you please get me some of these? They're sold out, but I believe in you.


The spousal unit has made a faboo career move, and his first official day is today. He just called from Manhattan to say that he left his wedding band on the bathroom sink on his way to the airport this morning and would I please fedex it to him. Wha?!! I said. What's the big deal? It's a big deal to me, he said.—It's my first day.

Which is very sweet, methinks.

But, I am a practical woman. And so I reminded him that he is in New York City and that he can just walk to any corner and buy a fake one. It's a simple gold band, after all. And, after all, his goal is simply to send an accurate visual message regarding his marital status.

The spousal unit was quiet for a few moments. Then he acknowledged my brilliance and ventured out to buy a counterfeit wedding band.

But...did I really give good advice? Or should I have fedexed it as he requested?


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

2) Because you're a good person.
3) Yes. Or actually it's equiv, if it's okay. Backchan me your snail.
4) I'd'of FedEx'd, but that's just me bein' romantic.

*panic* You're not moving are you? I haven't caught up with you on the West Coast, how'm'I supposed to catch you East Coast??

Kuya said...

Risa, Risa, Risa. She's not as chatty as Vids and I think it's because she's busy listening. that little one is like Lola S. She could hear a conversation from across a crowded, noisy room. My guess is she overheard something and she was just trying to get some confirmation.
You feel good about roasting a chicken because you're not DEEP FRYING it.
"Lavish" on Hayes has those little bits of "ephemera"... when i saw them, I actually thought of you. I'll prolly be there this weekend - I'll pick up a pack for you.
I'm not surprised you didn't fedex the ring - that's definitely a "me" move - you're too fiscally responsible. I think the counterfeit ring was a good call.

ver said...

Good answers, you two! Yes, Kuya, pick some up for me. Hayes Valley will have exactly the non-schmaltzy kind I'm after.

Bec, I think if you hit my profile thingy, you'll find my e-mail addy...

weez said...


I think question number one is enough.


I think the scream is the appropriate answer. At least, that's what I did as I read it.

Gura said...

1) um...I hear there are books that discuss this kind of stuff. Well, I don't have an answer, but I'm glad you didn't careen the car off the road at that point. That takes some nerves of steel and focus there.

2) chicken is such feel good food.

3) I hate when stores keep items posted even through they're sold out. such a tease!

4) That's a great idea! I know women who had these ginormous engagement rings and the like who were always scared of damaging it, losing it, etc., who had to get inexpensive rings for the practical wear and tear. Why not have a "travelling" set? Besides sending it through the mail overnight or not could send a person through numerous anxiety attacks before it reaches its destination.

thelastnoel said...

I like practical women

ver said...

Yeah! Let's hear it for practical women and stunt wedding rings!

jean said...

cars and kids - dangerous combo. that is where my three always asked the tricky questions like do spiders yawn, why do they make condoms in colors and what do you think about S-'s boyfriend. awk.

KK said...

You did the right thing. He's so romantic you don't need to be!!