Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All Wrote Out.

But that'll change soon. For now, the energy needs to go somewhere. Which probably explains my sudden turn to all things crafty. If I knew how to sew, there'd be big trouble right about now. As in: "Nesting Ground beach cover-ups for everyone!" Fortunately for those around me, my craftiness is far less agressive than that. Here, for example, is a paper wallet I made to house my niece's extremely belated high school graduation present. It has two—not just one, but two!—compartments inside:

Okay, yeah, I know.

Not that exciting.

I should maybe stick to the writing.


KMRL said...

oh, how cute!

i love crafty things! you should try making a scrapbook. those take up LOTS of energy and they're fun! =)

Full Bloom In the Park Committee said...

Thanks kmrl! I think maybe I should change the ribbon color. It looks a little funereal (is that a word?).

Scrapbooking...well, it would have to be "suburban rebel scrapbooking" because so many scrapbooks offend my delicate sensibilities. Is that mean? I'm being mean. It's midnight & I'm just plain ol' mean.