Tuesday, May 23, 2006


For the short story writers out there:

Short Story Craft (a blog)

Storyglossia: The Art of Short Stories (a blog)

Storyglossia: Because Stories Matter (a journal)


The 39 Steps: A Primer on Story Writing from The Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi.

I find #12 particularly helpful: We can't care about sand mutants; if you do, or think you do, kill yourself.

Also #9: Grace Slick.

But it's not all hilarity and madcap hijinx. Here's #14: For dramatic purposes you're probably well-served sticking close to an objective narrative (1st person unvoiced, or 3rd person objective—in either case, the camera view). This forces you to write scenes in which characters do and say things to/with/for each other; these things will then construct the story for you. This expedient blocks the "telling" problem.

Of course, don't spend so much time exploring these links that you forget to, um, write. Woops.


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Cool links, Ver. Although I take exception about the sand mutants. Their struggles against the heirarchy of the Oasis Oligarchy is well documented and an excellent metaphor for our post-neo-colonial-Bush times. *cough*

I've decided even after taking grad classes in writing I have no idea what the significance of #9 is, nor how Third Person Objective POV blocks the "telling" problem. *sigh*

I gots a long way to go on this stuff. Say, are you going to here: http://www.vona-voices.org/index.php this year?

L said...

Speaking of short stories, I popped into 826 Valencia today, and it is heaven, I tell you, pure heaven! Pirate themes abound and the events and workshops look great.

I picked up a literary map of SF that lists publishers and magazines in the area in preparation for the big job hunt next year. One can never be too early, I suppose...unless of course it comes to pulling meat out of an oven.