Thursday, May 11, 2006

Muse to Me: Meet Me @ Speedee. And Confessions.

I like getting my oil changed.

I mean, I like having the oil in my car changed.

For me, it's not unlike a visit to the spa. Sure, Speedee Oil Change is located right on El Camino. Sure it's kinda smelly and vaguely gross. And of course the steady flow of traffic does not provide much in the way of a breathtaking vista. But the fine folks at Speedee Oil Change give it their best shot. They've placed a round, stone-encrusted table and matching benches on the little concrete "patio," for one thing. You might, if you wished, play a rollicking game of dominoes with a pal while seated at such a table. Such a table would be fine for this. Never mind that one doesn't usually take a pal with them when having their oil changed; never mind that, silly!

Another thing Speedee has done is set up a pair of those hammock-y type chairs with the built-in cupholders that one brings with them when camping or, perhaps, tailgating. Of course, I could be wrong about this since the only way I could be found engaging in either of these activities would be if I were tied up and thrown in the trunk of a car that happened to be on the way to the campsite or tailgate spot. And by "engaging in" I mean "sitting around wondering where it all went wrong." Anyways, I love to sit in the hammock-y chairs. Never mind that I inhale tons of car exhaust; it's fun!

You may have surmised by now that I lied.

I don't like having the oil in my car changed.


But the other day, while sitting in one of those awful camping chairs with the sun shining on my face, the muse planted a big wet kiss on my cheek. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And when I was done, it felt like I'd taken a most refreshing nap.


5 Pop Culture Confessions:

1) I don't care, I still like David Blaine. I don't care.

2) I want Elliot Yamin to win.

3) I don't understand why Ana Lucia (may she rest in peace) wore that tank top for her entire run on the show. Hi—open a suitcase and pick another top because I'm done being impressed by your body. Okay...I just addressed an entire sentence to a character on a television show. A dead character, even.

4) I like that that little ditty Jon Bon Jovi (wow, that's fun to type) sings with that country woman. Shut up.

5) Team Lachey. Totally.

Don't you dare leave me out here alone. You, too, must confess. If you want, you can confess that when you read the word "ditty" in confession #4, you thought of John Cougar Mellancamp and his boyish, tousled hair. You can even go so far as to confess that you sang the whole line ...Little ditty 'bout Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland... and that when you sang "heartland," you used a really low voice. Just a suggestion


Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

1) I prefer Brangelina over Braniffer.

2) Britney with children *shudder*.

3) Will would make a great dad for Grace's baby.

4) I would want House as my doc even if he made me cry, at least I'd live to feel guilty about my choices.

5) Katie? Take the baby and run now. Far away.

ver said...

I am not alone.

Thanks for chiming in, Bec! BUT...Brangelina?!! I would have pegged you a different way!

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


I like being surprising...but yeah, I usually don't go for the jump-the-marriage hookups. I was devestated when Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson broke up over Helena Bonham Carter. And Tom taking Katie over Nicole? Puhleese!

But Brangelina? Mebbe it's because I like Angelina *shrug* their relationship seems more solid than Brad and Jennifer - too blond. *cough*

cornshake said...

david blaine is beyond creepy.
i too am totally team lachey.
the bonjovi country song IS good.
there are never any apologies needed for ana-lucia. ever. RIP though.

ver said...

Yes, but creepy in the very best sense of the word...

bino said...

i wanted to rescue david. i really did. scoop him up from the bowl, then mouth him alive, like goldfish.

Okir said...

whoa, Bino! ; )) I agree with Ver, creepy in the best sense. I like David Blaine too. I don't care.

Patrick said...

I think of Jack and Diane when I hear "chili dog"

SUCKIN' AWN UH CHILEE DAWG!! (sorry, I sing like I'm from Jersey too)

ver said...

Bino & Jean. Feeling the Blaine Love. that...could that be...I think it's...Patrick? Patrick Rosal? And he's standing OUTSIDE THE TASTEEE FREEEEEZE...