Monday, May 08, 2006

Belated Links

Some extremely belated linkage will soon appear on my sidebar:

The Last Noel, property of one Mr. Noel Alumit.

Raindancer's Map of Memories, property of Rochita C. Ruiz.

Notes From the Peanut Gallery, property of Dean Alfar. I have long clicked over to Dean's blog via Ian's, and one must give linkage where linkage is due.

And, finally, check out the fancy shenanigants over at Tony Robles' new home on the Web! Even as I type, I am manipulating my way into taking charge of next year's Author's Day at R & V's school just so I can brink Lakas to the Peninsula. There is much drama when it comes to this type of thing, but I am prepared to elbow, talk loud, pull volunteer rank, and otherwise obnoxious-ize myself into the job. And when I have defeated the last of my foes, I will stand atop a table in the lunchroom, carefully choose my Achilles pose...

...and scream, "Is there no one else?" And then everyone will roll their eyes and mutter things like, "God, I can't stand her," and "She needs to go away. Like right now."

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