Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One Sentence Liveblogging Rant

How many freaking times is Heidi Klum going to say (in her odd, automaton voice), "Only one of you can be the winner of Project Runway"?

Okay, two sentences:

How many times?


Gladys said...

girl, at this point, i don't care! chloe won, chloe won, chloe won.

(lord, i gotta stop chanting. i'll wake up the hubby.)

Gladys said...

but um, yeah, heidi klum does have a pretty annoying automaton voice. (great word.)

A. D. said...

geez, that would really annoy me if:

a) i watched the show (and i don't know how i've escaped its clutches)

b) she weren't heidi klum :-P

i'm sorry that her heidi klum-ness isn't a sufficient annoyance buffer for all of us.

Joanne said...

I hate Heidi's (or as Jay calls her, Ho-di) voice too. A few years ago, they actually cut her speaking line from a Victoria's Secret commercial. While Heidi in lingerie may ignite many-a-male-fantasy, hearing her voice while wearing that same lingerie makes those same men want to poke their eyes out with dull forks freshly dipped in salt.

I guess even Heidi can't have it all!

Shuboy said...

the point is CHLOE WON!!! (don't tell anyone, but I loved Santino's collection. Also, I had a soft spot for Daniel - go figger)
Odd that someone with such an annoying voice to y'all (it really doesn't bug me that much) could be married to someone with such a bee-yoo-tee-full voice.