Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Exploding To Do List

I'm having one of those head-spinning weeks where all the different facets of my life are overlapping and confusing the living bujeebies outta me. There is Kindergarten tutoring, Latino outreach meetings and events, Lea's birthday party planning, various and sundry playdates, wrapping-up of our extensive landscaping project, my writing plus some copywriting work I just took on, and my brother and his three kids visiting from Oahu. And I really, really need to vacuum.

To top it all off, Risa and Vida have their first t-ball game of the season on Saturday and I can't find their dang gameday regulation shorts. Their team is the "Butterflies," by the by. And they'll be slugging it out with the "Caterpillars." Are you scared that I will post pictures? Well, you should be. You should be very, very scared.

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Princess Leia said...

J's soccer team, in marked contrast to your daughters', is POISON IVY. Now, how scary is that?!