Friday, February 10, 2006

Beware the Trampoline

I took the girls for a playdate at their friend A's house on Wednesday. As usual, the big draw was A's trampoline, which I've grown to like because it's only about three feet off the ground, is netted (of course) for safety, and isn't very big. Much of the scare factor simply doesn't exist. The weather was summer-like and everyone was bouncing happily, leaving A's mom and I plenty of time for chatting. And then...and then...Lea jumped right out of her skirt.

There are no words to describe how hilarious this was, so I won't even try. I couldn't laugh, though, because Lea is unpredictable at these moments. Would she cry? Would she lash out because everyone was laughing and pointing? Was I going to have to...oh, please no, with a full-on meltdown? Surprisingly, she began to giggle, rolled around in her Hello Kitty underwear for a few minutes, bounced back into the skirt, and kept right on playing.

Crisis averted.

Drama-free bouncing continued for another 30 minutes. And then...and then...Risa bounced over to the little enter/exit opening in the net to show me something and bounced right out.

There are no words to describe how hilarious this was, so I won't even try. Thank goodness she landed softly on a pile of redwood chips. There was a quiet wimper, and then an extremely loud, "I want mommy!" I scooped her up and onto my lap for a few minutes, and then it was back onto the trampoline. "You come and jump, too, Mom!" she said, trying to pull me in.

There are now words to describe how hilarious this request was, so I won't even try.


Gladys said...

Your children sound like "trick babies" (vs. "birth-control babies" -- I stole this term from a friend). First of all, the girls are gorgeous, and secondly, they seem to give you a hoot on a daily basis, even with all the meltdowns. They are too, too funny, and you are too, too good for not laughing.

ver said...

Oh, yes, they are good for at least half a dozen daily hoots...