Thursday, February 16, 2006

All Of Which Is Just Another Way To Ask: How Can I Wear My Feathered Heels If It Rains?

Barbara Jane is the first to broach a heady subject: how will we choose to present ourselves at the Beauty and Power in Filipino/American Communities Conference on Saturday? (The one you're coming to, right? Right.)

Every choice—from lipstick color to shoes—seems a little loaded, especially now with all the goings-on at Your Filipina Penpal! In the end, I'll do what I always do, I'm sure: I'll go as the me I most prefer the outside world to see, as opposed to the Mom Me or the Dork Me or the Tired Me or the Dinner With Friends Me. Maybe it's the Pretend Me. Who knows? I'm completely confused at the moment.


I've been tinkering with the story I'm going to read, smoothing out the awkward moments, swapping out one word for another (and then putting the first one back), adding bits here and there, staring at the screen. It's my favorite part of writing, I think: when it's all there and you just nudge it around until it's as close as you can get to what you see in your head. Not quite fancy enought to refer to as "process," I s'pose, but that's what I do.


barbara jane said...

hee ms. ver! can't wait to see the diva-fabulous-lovely you! i, of crse, may have to put pink-chocolate-star-totally-in-love girl away, just for the afternoon.

i am trying to pare down all my excerpts, and i agree about this tinkering being a favorite part of writing, for being so darn challenging.

now, off to get my eyebrows and nails did. heeee.

zmjilvp! this is the ripping sound my fingernails make in old white man rik's face.

ver said...

Ha! You can go all Vamp with your lips, and all gothic-y with your fingernails, but the pink chocolate stars are still gonna be flying like sparks out of your eyes. That's my bet, at least!

cipdelxk (a choke hold originated to restrain the likes of rik as he attempts to foist himself onto a "forest girl.")

bino said...

the tiara, darlings, the tiara. yes, the one in the pink box under the manolo blahniks and jimmy shoos.

ver said...

Must we always bring up tiaras? Must I constantly be reminded of my humiliating Homecoming Queen loss?

I'm gonna go cry now...

dfsqqqx (when the newly crowned Miss Universe wobbles down the catwalk with her tiara embarrassingly askew)

kuya said...

you lost??? Geez... and all these years I've been telling people that you won. Oh well... we can share the pain I'm SURE you remember that i lost for sophomore homecoming prince (to whom I cannot remember but I'm sure he's bald now). Still bitter? Of COURSE I am.