Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mute Button

Someone or something inadvertently hit my mute button, and I find I have little to share at the moment. That might stop another blogger from blogging, but not I. Rather than opting for radio silence, I will simply assault you with the empty contents of my head. And if that's not an invitation to read on, I don't know what is...

Empty Content #1: My disturbing and costly obsession with Haba, a German manufacturer of excellent toys. These toys might have made me smarter, more engaging, better spoken, and probably better looking. Unfortunately, we'll never know now. I confess that I have purchased this, this, a bunch of these, and this as much for me as for the actual recipients.

Empty Content #2: All the back-to-school talk in and amongst various blogs have made me wax nostalgic over the classic PeeChee. My Kuya Ricky, in an inexplicable burst of big-brotherness, once engineered for me what I can only describe as a PeeChee portfolio. Through the brilliant, creative use of masking tape, he bound together eight separate PeeChees--one per subject. I believe that was the year he also made all my book covers. Empty Content #2 Bonus: I once saw Kuya Ricky eat fourteen bananas in a single sitting.

Empty Content #3: I wish I were nineteen years old and enrolled in a Filipino Lit. class taught either by The Wily Filipino or Jean Vengua Gier. Both are asking their students to blog and blog well (though judging by this particular posting, I wouldn't fare too well in either class). On a barely related tangent, I think that all employers should now be checking to see that potential employees possess a "blogging skill set."

Empty Content #4:The guy who pimped his book when leaving a comment on one of my posts. I visited his blog and found a detailed report of his trip to Manila. He maniacally accounted for every peso spent on every meal, beer, taxi ride, and hotel but made no mention of pesos at all when he posted pictures of two young Filipinas in his hotel room whom he claimed brought him to "heights of heaven never before known" or something ridiculous like that. If there were an emoticon that rolls its eyes and vomits green bile, I would insert it here.

And, um, that's about it.

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