Sunday, June 27, 2004

A Fresh Start...

...requires a new outfit. So the pressing question of the evening is: does this new blog make my butt look big?

Just arrived home from LA where we spent two almost sane days at Disneyland; attended a wedding at the Scientology Celebrity Centre (oh yes we did! And let me just say, they don't serve diet soda of any kind there. It was tragic); and where I brilliantly fielded the aforementioned hate e-mails.

About those, I just want to say this: the first one, which was only a few sentences, was cryptic enough to speed my pulse up a little. But the subsequent narratives, which included everything from the most unintentionally and hilariously elevated diction I have ever had the pleasure of reading, alter egos (shaddup! I'm serious), increasingly spastic typos, and disintegrating grammar, made it clear that I wasn't dealing with someone whose life was taking place in this reality. Topping it all off was the fact that the writer would only refer to themselves in the second person. Frankly, it started to get a little creepy. I think it's over now; I hope so, at least.

Thanks for your e-mails, all. You're nice.

But before I go...celebrity sightings! Jane Fonda at The California Grand and on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride (no, she didn't wait in line, you silly people), Tom from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy eating at Mauro's in Fred Segal on Melrose, and Matthew Perry perusing the book wall, also at Fred Segal.

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