Wednesday, June 16, 2004

And the Tee Shirt Goes To...

Try not to burst into a hysterical fit of snorty laughter when I reveal that...I'm a rabid, tireless member of a motley crue called the Park School Foundation, which raises tons and tons of money for the little public elementary school in my neighborhood. I've been working with them for two years in a now successful effort to whip the school into shape by the time my little freakie deakies get there in 2005.

Snore. Wake up! Wake up! I'm about to tell you something mildly amusing!

So, we're throwing this big live auction shindig Friday night on the tennis court of this big hoo-ha house a few blocks away. You know, food, music, and a vodka bar to ensure that people are good and drunk by the time they start bidding. Anyways...I, of course, got stuck with the job of writing up the little blurbs for each of the 4 million auction items. Some are cool: a house in Mexico, a house in Tahoe, a pitching clinic with Kurt Reuter, blahblahblah. But by far the best and most hysterical one is...trumpets blare, clouds part, golden rays of light emit their, um, golden rays of light...a t-shirt signed by the one and only, the irrepressible and beautifully vapid Miss Anna Kournikova. How much do you want to bet she puts a little heart over the "i" in her last name?

And how much do you want to bet that my Google searches triple simply because I typed the words Anna Kournikova, Anna Kournikova, Anna Kournikova right here in my blog?

More importantly, though: would anyone like to start the bidding?

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