Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting To Yes

My default answer is, "No." It doesn't matter, really, what the question might be.

"Mom, can we ride our bikes around the block?"


"Mom, it's super hot. Can we get a frozen yogurt?"


"Mom, my Van's have a hole. Can I get a new pair?"


"Mom, I'm done with my homework. Can I go online for awhile?"


"Mom, can I wear your t-shirt? You know, that one with the thing?"


No, no, no, no, no.

I don't even know why I do it. I'm not adverse to bike riding, frozen yogurt, Van's, or any of the other one thousand things I say "no" to on a daily basis.

I didn't start feeling bad about it, though, until after the twins' 5th grade graduation on Wednesday. Between them they garnered something like 10 medals for academics and community service, 12 certificates for various things, and 2 academic scholarships. Vida led the pledge, and Risa gave a speech. And then the next day, Vida gave a presentation on her school's 5th grade rocketry program in front of the school board and a full boardroom. Basically, in their 6 years at their little elementary school, they could not reasonably have accomplished more than they accomplished.

I am so proud of them.

Suddenly all of my no-ing, all of my absolutely not-ing, all of my you can't be serious-ing, made no sense. So I'm happy to report that on Thursday, I became The Mother Who Says Yes. It was yes to two hours at the Redwood City Library, yes to new shoes for everyone, yes to eclairs and cream puffs and fish 'n' chips, yes, yes, yes to all of it.

I'm sure it won't last long. They're headed to middle school, after all...


ammy said...

LOVE this post. They are who they are because of your excellent parenting. and they ARE the dearest 11 year old girls in the WORLD! or among the ones I know, anyway.

ver said...

Awww, thanks Ams. They are super good girls (fingers crossed), and I am a super mean mom! But somehow it all works out...

Mini Nurse said...

I used to think my mom was the meanest of them all (... still think she might have been). But thank goodness she was! Those No's are out of love. It's so funny because I often have to scold little patients for being naughty, and tooootally catch myself using my mom's lines. Never thought I'd see the day... Oh, and yes- your girls are the awesomest of the awesome : )

Anonymous said...

I would find it hard to say "no" to eclairs, regardless the circumstances.

ver said...

You're too soft, Carl. TOO SOFT!