Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the Mornings

This morning I returned home from dropping the girls off at school. On the dining room table, I found the following:

• 1 furry pink bunny slipper, existence inexplicable
• 1 copy, Pippi Longstocking, illustrations by Lauren Child
• 7 elastic headbands, black
• 6 ponytail elastics, black
• 1 ponytail elastic, fuschia, origin unknown
• 1 sillyband, rainbow colors, shape indeterminate

In front of the hallway closet, I found the following:

• 1 metal hanger, twisted
• 2 flip flops, silver
• 1 ballet flat, silver

On the bathroom counter, I found the following:

• 2 hairbrushes
• 1 lipgloss, Kiel's, hint of pink, top missing
• 1 lipgloss, Burt's Bee's, pale pink, top missing
• 2 drops Cetaphil face cleanser, spilled
• 1 pair earrings, cupcake-shaped
• 1 pair earrings, peace sign-shaped
• 1 pair earrings, flower-shaped
• 1 necklace, initial "V"

There are days when I return home to this and I am super annoyed. I harumph my way around the house returning things to their proper place and mumbling to myself in exasperation. But today I felt all sentimental and tender about these objects. They are the odd and ends of girlhood, the talismans of mothering, the good stuff.


Why Tri? said...

After our grandchildren leave, I find little reminders of how wonderful they are. Sometimes a toy pirate under the couch, a sticky handprint on the door, the guest bath filled with toys, and a forgotten stuffed animal. They are blessings.

ver said...

You know what hurts, though? Stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego. Ouch...

EILEEN said...

There's a "List Poem" here ... writing itself...