Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ten Days Late!

I am wracked with guilt (I'm overstating! Me! Overstating!) because I have failed to take part in an age-old blog tradition: the obligatory new year post. The fact is I was too overwhelmed by one thought: I have been a parent for a decade.

I have been a parent for a decade.

A decade.

A decade.

Also, I was:

• fighting off the flu with my weakened arms and tiny fists of fury.
• watching the girls use their iKaraoke to belt out "I'll Be There." Forty trillion times a day.
• planning a fete for one of my favorite people and taking as my theme: woodland forest. SHUT UP!
• trying to find a pair of black pants that are lost somewhere in my closet.
• paralyzed by my inability to choose a new book to read.

And...that's really it. And now I have to go back to working my woodland forest theme. There are acorns involved. And owls. And little woodland creatures. And green himalayan roses. And wavy coco twigs. Also stones covered in moss. But no hedgehogs; hedgehogs freak me out.


Gladys said...

ver, what is iKaraoke?? i must try it! does it work with the iPod touch/iPhone?

hope you're feeling better!

ver said...

Hi Gladys! Actually, the girls got this duet karaoke machine thing, and I noticed that the CDs that came with it were produced by a company called ikaraoke, so I mistakenly refer to their thingy as an ikaraoke. In fact, the REAL ikaraoke is right here:

I don't know much about it, but I love the idea...

Jill said...

I have been having trouble with the parent for a decade thing too! How did this happen???

ver said...

We have tweens, Jill. TWEENS...