Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Like That

Don't you love it when bloggers write things like, "I'm so bored!" It's almost as good as, "It was such a fun day." Unfortunately, all I have to say today is: I'm cold. But I beg you: don't give up on me! In an effort to avoid being thrown in the box labeled "Tedious Bloggers Who Tediously Waste Time with Tediousness," I will now elucidate all the ways in which I—or any persona that may emerge—am/are cold. I will do it without stopping, and I will do it without correcting typos, and when I am done I will hit "publish post," and that will be it. Ahem.

cold like there's an ice cube in my head.
cold like I don't like your outfit. At all.
cold like my soda in the cup
cold like my hands washed in the river
cold like my ankles when my pants are short
cold like the tops of my feet when I don't wear socks.
cold like your voice the last time we spoke
cold like the wind when you wait for the bus on California & 14th
cold like the way you look at me when I say you're stupid
cold like the iced-over blades of grass
cold like unforgiving
cold like what the hell's the answer?
cold like have we met before?
cold like I don't want to dance with him
cold like I need a bigger scarf
cold like nobody liikes my story
cold like taking a bath when the washing machine is running
cold like disinterest
cold like I can't remember your name
or where you live
or why you matter
or if you ever did

1 comment:

Shuboy said...

Um... wasn't there a lovely, large scarf under your tree this year?