Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Post in Which I Whine

I'm sick and do not want to go anywhere. But I am going here:

1) the shower
2) jiffy lube
3) sport mart
4) michael's
5) trader joe's

It's such a short list, but it overwhelms. The only place I should be going is:

1) bed
2) school to pick up kids
3) bed

Due to the combination of climbing hills (tues), pilates (wed), and illness, the following body parts hurt:

1) head
2) nose
3) throat
4) thighs
5) ass
6) anterior tibs
7) eyes
8) triceps

The sounds I currently hear are:

1) screaming birds
2) twittering birds
3) fridge buzz
4) fingers typing
5) pounding in head
6) sniffling

Place I am going tomorrow is:

1) the snow

Current temperature at destination is:

1) 20 degrees

The reasons I am writing in lists are:

1) inability to think in complete sentences at the moment
2) laziness
3) vague amusement factor

Things I will not do today:

1) cook
2) dance
3) jump
4) smile (apparently)


Okir said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm sick too. I've been working out at the gym or taking qi gong class at lunchtime everyday this week (not to mention hosting a baby shower last weekend), which is probably one reason my immune system got weak. Take a down comforter with you to the cold place (wherever that is), and a container of Green & Black's [excellent] cocoa powder, and spend some time sipping hot chocolate and staring out at the snow.

A. D. said...

How bizarre. (Over a week later) I'm super sick—after a week of really good workouts. (Think the fever went today, though.)

I blamed the two torturous erg workouts for my flu-ness, but I thought I was kidding.

Jean, I never thought of exercise as something to weaken the immune system.


1) it took a week and a half for this illness to reach Buffalo
2) we should never work out again
3) I should have cocoa

ver said...

It was so weird to head up to the mountains with a cold. As usual, I became quite dehydrated, but this time it had the effect of completely drying up what was previously a horribly stuffed up nose. This was good, since it was becoming quite embarrassing to walk everywhere while holding a box of Kleenex. Anyways, I think being up there greatly reduced the length of this particular illness...

A.D., yes, have cocoa. Cocoa fixes everything.

A. D. said...

Cocoa, check. Perhaps I'll look for mountains tomorrow.