Monday, August 18, 2008

Useless Advice + Peter Pan Is A Wee God

The one thing you should make sure to bring along to Disneyland/California Adventure is...a personal massage therapist. Barring that, wear the right shoes. Also wear your Obama '08 pin, as the visibility factor is excellent (expect to be hissed at by one guy shall I put it?...has eaten a few too many foot-long hot dogs in his day).

Now, for your possible viewing pleasure, I offer the girls' exchange with everyone's favorite sprite: Mr. Peter Pan.

First comes the detailed conversation about various hat-wearing techniques:

Next, the girls strike P.P.'s signature pose:

When they request a hands-on-hips one, he takes grievous offense, screams a bratty, "No!," and turns his back:

But then gamely relents:

And now the countdown to back-to-school begins in earnest. Nine days to go...


Malbatron said...

I don't know what happened, but it looks like your daughters have somehow gotten taller or something. Or are those even your daughters because just a couple of years ago I think they were half that size. Yes, it must be your camera and the angles or something. They simply cannot be getting that older that fast.

ver said...

Ha! Believe me, being shoulder-high to this Peter Pan does not indicate significant height. Anyways, come see the little weirdos for yourself. We have to go through the L.M. archives, remember?

CookieDuster said...

Peter Pan has weird shoes... wait no, the kids have the weird shoes, Mr. Pan wouldn't look right in crocs.