Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Night Linkage

Look what Mr. Bino did! Ah, something so satisfying about seeing all those covers in one place. Makes for some easy shopping come holiday time, that's for sure.

Speaking of Bino, here's a link to his new blog, The Freirian Goes to Harvard.

And here is Grace Talusan's essay, "The Myth of Filipino Magnetism" at Kartika Review.

And here is the men's Olympic basketball team from Spain making asses out of themselves by "slanting" their eyes for an ad.

And here's a blog called Racialicious that's all about the "intersection of race and pop culture."

And, finally, I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but I like what they do over at PinoyCentric: All Things Brown & Beautiful.


Brigid Bishop said...


I just found out TONIGHT that I am a member of the Delfino clan. My long-lost grandfather was Telesford Delfino aka Pedro Campo the boxer and my long-lost aunt Josephine Delfino contacted me through her daughter Alma, now 37.

I am anxious to learn all that I can about the family history, having been never allowed to enjoy this knowledge.

Telesford was born in 1901 in Davao City, you can email me at if you like

Thank you!

Bridget Delfine-DeFalco

Grace T said...

Thank you, Ver! I appreciate the shout-out.