Thursday, July 10, 2008

Revenge of the Prawn Taco

Yesterday, I ate a prawn taco. Yes, a PRAWN taco. I'm sure you agree that such a memorable moment deserved to be shared with others. It was in this spirit of giving, that I reported my "status" on Facebook. "I just ate a prawn taco," typed I. "You are so jealous."

I then walked the half-block to my loft to continue what I was doing before partaking in the prawn taco. Which is to say, I sat at my desk and willed my fingers to type words. After 90 minutes of this effort, I drove to San Carlos to pick up my children from their art camp. They regaled me with tales relating to the difficulty of executing the proper brushstroke to create realistic palm tree leaves.

Hmmm. I've digressed.

Later, I discovered that two of my relatives, namely Evil Luj and Also Evil Paqui, had left messages on my Facebook wall. "Prawn Taco? What the hec is a prawn taco?" said Evil Luj. "Or maybe you meant, shrimp taco. You know...shrimp. (Prawn Taco? Really?)"

As if this slap in the face of my prawn taco dignity were not enough, Also Evil Paqui chimed in. "Maybe it was served with a side of aioli and basted with a white wine butter sauce? Those are yummy with a good Pinot Grigio," said Also Evil Paqui. "But what do I know, I only eat SHRIMP"

The sordid story continues. Not content with cyberbullying me via Facebook, Evil Luj pursued his anti-prawn taco campaign on Twitter. "There's no such thing as a prawn taco," he taunted.

Well, my friends, I submit that there is.

*dramatically pulls something from pocket and holds it up*

Oh, what is this I see? It looks like a menu from La Corneta!

What happens if we open the menu? Oh, look! There's a list of their tacos right at the top!

Hey, if the photographer zooms in a little, you can just make out where it says "Prawn Taco." They even offer a "Super Prawn Taco."

There's a lesson to be learned here. And I think the lesson is...

...that I did not have to while away precious moments taking pictures of the La Corneta menu when I could have just directed interested parties (of which I can only imagine there are dozens upon dozens) to this page.


Malbatron said...

Oh I see. It's probably because they would rather name something "Super Baby Prawn Burrito" rather than "Super Baby Shrimp Burrito" because that's obviously totally ridiculous! I'm finding myself wishing they had a Super Baby Bovine Burrito though.

Marianne said...

I think you are on a roll. Please continue with the prawn taco postings!!!

(Also, baby bird story was very good)