Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It Has Come To This.

Maybe I inhaled too much glitter glue. Maybe I'm just not hydrated. Whatever the case, I'm feeling a wee bit hung over from an overabundance of craft-like activity this afternoon. Here are some fairy bookmarks, a project which I have to admit the kiddleys tackled with admirable gusto:

But the gusto was not to last. Below is my homage to felt (I believe I reached the pinnacle of Craft Mountain when I successfully executed the monkey):

Notice how I say this is MY homage to felt. I say this because the children disappeared after realizing it would take 4,379 hours to cut out all the tiny pieces of felt required to make a Cute Stuff applique. By the time I had stitched the monkey's first eye, they had changed into their bathing suits and were running through the backyard sprinkler with some neighbor kids. Every 20 minutes or so they yelled, "Mom! Can you please make smoothies?"

And I did. Between bouts of felt cutting and miniscule embroidering, I made batch after batch of smoothies and delivered them to the increasingly large number of kids in the backyard.

"Thank you!" they said.

"You're welcome," said I.

After pouring the last of Smoothie Batch #3 into Risa's cup she said, "Um, are you done with my monkey bag?"

"Not yet."

"Okay. Hey, you guys. My mom's making me a monkey bag! She'll make one for you, too! Mom! Hey, Mom! Five more monkey bags!"

"Yes! Yes! Monkey bags for everyone!" I said. And I did a little monkey dance.

Time stopped. Many little faces stared at me.

I laughed but, alas, I was the only one.

"She's so embarrassing..." said Vida.


Shuboy said...

may i have a monkey bag too? but i would like my monkey to be in a palm tree. on a beach. at sunset. drinking a pina colada, wearing a sarong, with a plumeria flower behind his ear. oh, and carrying a Jack Spade bag.
Thanks. I'll be checking my mailbox next week.

Suz said...

Did you really make smoothies for the whole neighborhood? My neighbors are just glad when I bring the garbage cans in.

ver said...

Sorry, Mickey, I can't. I'm covered in felt. AND BLOOD.

Yes, I am frequently forced against my will to make smoothies for the whole neighborhood. If I don't, the girls say, "Oh, sorry. My Mom doesn't want to make smoothies for you."

I'm very tired.

Suz said...

I do occasionally poke small plastic straws in to foil pouches of 25% less sugar juice and pass them out to my chillies and whoever else might be lurking in our garage at the time.

Does that count?

No, it's not even close to a homemade smoothie. Whatever!